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Once the aircraft reaches its optimal cruising altitude, our onboard team will be at your service to address any inquiries or fulfill specific requirements you may have. During the flight, it is essential that dogs are kept on a leash and cats remain securely inside their designated onboard travel carriers. It's not uncommon for pets to doze off for the majority of the journey.

At Avolar Pets, your pet's comfort and safety are paramount. Our attentive and affable attendants are dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the utmost care and attention throughout the entire flight. Whether it's regular check-ins or providing additional cleaning materials if needed, they take every measure to exceed your expectations and provide your pet with a cozy and contented journey.

It's not just your pet's experience that matters to us; your experience matters too. We hold satisfaction in high regard and prioritize delivering an unmatched journey. Treat yourself to a refreshing beverage from our open bar, grab a snack,  or indulge in an inviting meal as you unwind and relish in the luxury of a private jet.

Dog On Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
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