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Pre Flight

Through your Avolar Pet booking, you avoid long security and customs lines and tedious luggage queues. Unlike traditional boarding, we require you to only arrive 1 hour prior to departure. You are welcome to arrive earlier if you wish. All of our flights depart from private terminals, further facilitating the boarding process for you and your pet.

Private Flight Lounge

The Airline staff will collect your luggage upon your arrival. This is a great time to mingle, and meet the other pet owners who will be traveling with their respective pets! For dogs, we encourage you to walk your pet at one of the pet relief areas before the flight.

The aircraft is conveniently stationed nearby the terminal, which means you and your pet can quickly board the aircraft after the preliminary instructions are provided by the flight crew.

Pets and their owners who are sitting towards the rear of the aircraft are escorted first. Remember, all dogs must be on leash. The crew members are all pet friendly, and will be happy to assist you and your pet during this step.


Once boarding has completed and all passengers and pets are situated, we encourage that you make a comfortable area for your pet and yourself. Now, it's now time to relax!

Kick back and enjoy the luxury of flying together with your companion!

Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
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