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Once you have selected the flight route and date that works best for you and your pet, you will complete our checkout process on our secure site.  You will be prompted for 'Delivery Details' which will be the information that we use to confirm your seat on the plane.

You can choose to pay for your seat by either credit card or you can choose 'Manual Payment' and make either an ACH Bank Transfer or Wire Payment directly to our escrow account.  Please note that if you select 'Manual Payment', your seat is not reserved until your payment is received into our escrow account.

In accordance with DOT requirements, all payments are held in our escrow account until your flight completes.

Once we receive your payment in our escrow account, we will send you our Pet Profile form which we will use to complete our seating arrangements for your flight.

Dogs On Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
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