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Travel Documents


Four to six days prior to departure, we will request the pertinent travel documents for you and your pet. As part of our added service, we will review the documentation to ensure compliance before submitting them to the respective parties for clearance. Having over a decade of combined pet travel and international documentation experience, Avolar pets ensures review compliance to avoid the anxiety surrounding international regulations.

For travel to the United Kingdom, below is the link you can use to find the current requirements for your pet to enter:

United Kingdom Pet Requirements

You can also use the USDA's APHIS Pet Travel page to assist you with the requirements for moving to and from the United States:


USDA APHIS Pet Travel Page 

***IMPORTANT***  Please note that while Avolar Pets will review your final health documents, we do not assist in obtaining the required paperwork for travel.  You must work with your veterinarian and government agency directly to ensure you have the correct documents for your pet's travel.

International Travel Documents For Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
Dogs On Shared Private Jet Flights With Pets
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