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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my pet fly on the plane?

With you of course!  All dogs are able to lay on the floor directly next to you on a leash and all cats are able to stay in a soft-sided carrier right next to your feet!  We believe your pets belong right alongside you, not under the plane next to suitcases!

Why should I consider flying my pet by private jet instead of as cargo?

While shipping your pet as cargo underneath the plane is certainly an option, flying this way can be an incredibly stressful experience for both yourself and your pet.  Pets flying as cargo often cope with the following on their own:

  • Loud and unfamiliar sounds

  • Temperature and air pressure changes

  • Increased anxiety and emotional distress

  • More susceptible to breathing issues and possible heart damage

  • Other physical injuries whether caused by stress or self-induced such as chewing on a certain body part nervously until it bleeds

  • Packed into a plastic, wooden, or metal travel carrier for many hours

    • Not just the flight time, but sitting in the cargo warehouse pre-flight, being loaded onto a cart to be taken to the tarmac, sitting on the tarmac exposed to the elements for an unknown period of time, being loaded onto the plane as passengers board, waiting for takeoff and sitting for any delays, etc.​

What is your cancellation policy?

Your flight will be confirmed once the 75% passenger and pet threshold is reached for the full route (both to and from).  We will keep you updated on the status of your flight(s) on a regular basis. 

If your flight (and the linked flight) do not reach the minimum threshold, we may cancel the flight(s). This would be (at the very latest) 21 days in advance of your flight and we would then offer you a 100% refund or re-accommodate you on a future flight. However, we do not anticipate the cancellation of flights as we have received an outstanding amount of interest in Avolar Pets. There are no refunds given unless we cancel your flight(s).

How do I make payment?

You are able to pay by wire or with a credit card and your funds will be kept secure in our escrow account in line with the regulations of the US Department of Transport.  Per DOT regulations, debit cards are not accepted.

What experience do you have with transporting pets?

As Directors who worked with Fortune 500 clients for one of the largest corporate pet transport companies in the world, we have been directly involved with the movement of thousands of family pets.  Offering extensive knowledge of country-specific health and customs regulations, veterinary consultation, and dedicated passion for providing an unparalleled travel experience for our customers

How are seating arrangements made?

We assign seating arrangements based off the information provided to us in your Pet Profile form that gets submitted once you book your flight ticket.  We look at the temperament, ages, and breeds of all pets to try to create a seating plan that will work for all pets.  During our meet and greet prior to boarding the jet, we can make any necessary adjustments based on all of the pets' interactions displayed throughout this initial meeting.

What happens if my dog needs to relieve himself in flight?

While most dogs lay down and sleep for the majority of the flight once it departs, we do carry emergency pee pads on board for your dog to use in the event that they need to relieve themselves in flight.

Will you have other dates and routes coming onboard?

Yes!  We are always looking to add on new routes that make the most sense to provide service to our customers.  You can signup for our Newsletter here to be the first to know of any new routes and dates that have been added.  If you have a suggested route for us to take under consideration, you can Contact Us here to let us know the route that you are looking for to be added.

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