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Bringing Furry Friends Across the Pond: Requirements for Pet Travel to the United Kingdom from the USA

For pet owners planning to embark on an international adventure to the United Kingdom from the United States with Avolar Pets, bringing along their beloved furry companions is a heartfelt desire. However, navigating the regulations and requirements for pet travel can seem daunting. Whether you have a faithful canine companion or a cuddly feline friend, ensuring a smooth journey for them involves careful planning and adherence to specific guidelines set forth by both countries' authorities. Here's what you need to know before you and your pet set foot on British soil.

Microchipping: The First Step Towards Identification

One of the fundamental requirements for traveling with your pet to the UK is ensuring that each pet is individually identified with an ISO compliant microchip, meeting standards 11784 and 11785, ensuring it is 15 digits in length. Prior to travel, it's essential to confirm the microchip's ISO compatibility with the manufacturer. If the pet lacks an ISO compliant microchip, alternative measures must be taken. Either the pet must travel with a microchip reader capable of reading the existing microchip, or contact must be made with Veterinary Officials at the intended port of arrival to ensure they possess a suitable reader. In cases where a non-ISO compatible microchip is already implanted and still readable, a veterinarian may implant an additional ISO-compatible microchip. Both microchips' numbers and dates of implantation must be documented on the UK Health Certificate to comply with regulations.

Rabies Vaccination: Protecting Pets and People


For pets entering the UK at least 15 weeks old with a rabies vaccination administered more than 21 days prior to arrival, several conditions must be met. The rabies vaccination must occur after or on the same day as microchip implantation; if a non-ISO compatible microchip was previously implanted but is still readable, revaccination may not be necessary. However, both microchip numbers and implantation dates must be recorded on the UK health certificate. The first rabies vaccination after microchip implantation is considered the primary vaccine, valid for one year. Pets traveling over 12 months after this vaccination must provide documentation of a booster shot given within 12 months. Failure to comply may result in revaccination and quarantine upon arrival, or pets can be revaccinated and wait 21 days before travel. Subsequent rabies vaccinations can be valid for 1-3 years based on manufacturer recommendations. Rabies vaccination must be valid upon entry, with accompanying certificates.

Health Certificate:  Completion and APHIS Endorsement

The "non-commercial" health certificate is for up to 5 pets traveling with the owner or a designated person within 5 days, or for 6 or more privately owned pets over 6 months old traveling together for events within the same timeframe. It's valid for 30 days after completion by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian, with APHIS endorsement required within 10 days of UK arrival. Dogs must also receive tapeworm treatment by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian between 24 and 120 hours before entering the UK. The owner or designated person must complete and sign the Declaration on the final page of the UK Health Certificate before travel, with the APHIS-assigned certificate number entered afterward. APHIS endorsement must occur within 10 days of UK arrival for non-commercial certificates and can be done later for commercial ones.

In conclusion, when it comes to ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for your beloved pets to the United Kingdom, Avolar Pets stands out as a reliable and invaluable ally. With nearly a decade of experience in pet transportation, Avolar Pets not only facilitates the safe passage of your furry companions by your side via a shared private jet, but also offers comprehensive assistance with the final review of all necessary paperwork for entry into the UK. From scrutinizing health certificates and rabies vaccination records to confirming microchip details, their expert team ensures that every aspect of the documentation process meets the stringent requirements of UK authorities. What sets Avolar Pets apart is that this meticulous final review service is seamlessly integrated into your ticket price, providing peace of mind and convenience for pet owners embarking on international journeys. With Avolar Pets by your side, your pets' journey to the UK becomes not just a seamless transition, but a testament to our commitment to their safety and your peace of mind.


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